Who Does Voiceovers?

Voiceover Lessons for Beginners #2

In this Lesson, we talk about the many different people doing voiceover work.

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Text Synopsis:

Who are the voice actors? Voiceover is largely an acting job, so a lot of the work is done by on-camera and theatrical actors and voice acting specialists who only do voice work. Other performers such as standup comedians, singers, and public speakers do VO work because they have to be able to communicate with conviction and emotional content, which is a key component of acting. People in related fields like broadcasting, advertising and film & television are in close proximity to VO work, and so some will naturally fall into it. There are also voice talent that have jobs or businesses in unrelated fields.

Can you become a voice actor? Yes, if you possess the interest, some talent, and are willing to put in the time and effort. Not everyone will become a voiceover star, but many make a living or a decent side income working either full or part time.

Assignment: Start reading out loud, at least 10 to 20 minutes a day. Practice material can be anything – newspaper, magazine, a book; I’ve posted some practice copy here [link]. Or, go to YouTube, find a piece of media you like, and transcribe the VO part. This is a great way to get practice copy because you can compare the script to the finished product, and you’ll hear what the client wanted the actor to do with that script. No need to record at this point – and don’t worry about the acting right now if you’ve never done any – the focus now is getting comfortable reading out loud. If you already have some experience, feel free to skip ahead to later lessons.

Then watch Lesson 3and keep practicing!

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