What Is A Voiceover?

Voiceover Lessons for Beginners #1

In this first Lesson, we define “voiceover” and discuss the implications for the newcomer.

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Text Synopsis:

Definition of “voiceover”: Loosely speaking, a voiceover is a spoken-word performance that is unaccompanied by an image of the speaker. It’s usually a recording, but there are certain situations where the voiceover is performed live. And generally, singing is not considered voiceover, although voice actors can be called upon to sing. So, if we can hear you but we can’t see you, and you’re not singing – that’s probably a voiceover.

EXAMPLES: Commercials (radio, TV, online, theatrical, in-store, on-site, etc); animation (cartoons, feature films, video games); documentaries; corporate media (brand videos, explainer videos, training videos, live events); movie trailers; audiobooks; digital assistants (Siri, Alexa); navigation systems; phone menus, etc.

Implications: The explosion in media has created a LOT of work, probably more than there’s ever been. But there’s also a lot of competition. Voiceover is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a “no experience required” job. It takes time and effort to get work and build a career. But you can get started and check it out for little or no money, and without a huge investment in time.

Assignment: Start listening and paying attention to all the voiceovers you’re hearing as you go through your day. Take note of the different voice types and styles of delivery you hear, and in which types of media those different voices and styles tend to be used. As you listen, start to think about where YOU might fit, in the voiceover world.

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