About me…

Hi there. I’m John. Thanks for visiting my site. I’ve been doing voiceover work for over 25 years now, based in the Los Angeles area. I’ve also taught voiceover students and produced voiceover demos, and I just launched a series of instructional podcasts/videos for VO newcomers. The Lessons are available here, on YouTube, and popular podcasting platforms.

Things have changed a lot since I started in the voiceover industry. We used to work in recording studios exclusively, but I do most of my work in my home studio these days – which, though not as social as the old days, does spare me a lot of time in traffic.

I’m a big fan of fiction in all its forms – print, screen, etc – humor (particularly the absurdist sort; you can read my own funny stuff here), visual art, music, and getting outdoors for a hike or neighborhood walk. In fact, I managed to climb Mt. Whitney three times, and walk away reasonably intact.

Impressive client list

Over the years I’ve brought life to words in hundreds of projects, in all types of media – from radio to internet. Here are just some of the brands I’ve worked for:

Amazon, AT&T, BASF, Belkin, Berkshire Hathaway, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Bosch, Bose, Carrier, Chase, Cisco, Clorox, CNN, Coca-Cola, Dignity Health, Ecova, ESPN, FitBit, Food Network, Geico, HP, HBO, Help-U-Sell, Hilton Resorts, History Channel, Honda, Houston Ballet, Hyundai, IBM, IKEA, Infiniti, Jack-In-The-Box, Jennifer Lopez, KIA, Kaiser, Kohler, Lexus, LG, Lucasfilm, Marriot, Mass Mutual, MasterCard, Mattel, Mazda, Michaels Stores, Moen, Netwrix, NBC, New England Journal of Medicine, New York DoT, Nokia, Pelotonia, Plantronics, Pennzoil/Quaker State, Qualcomm, Ricoh, Ritz Carlton, Science Channel, Sempra Energy, Shell, Skechers, Staples, Star Wars, State Farm, Time Warner Cable, Tony Robbins, Toyota, Tylenol, Under Armour, Universal Orlando Resorts, Verizon, Vespa, VISA, Walmart, Whole Foods, USGA, Valvoline, VMware, Zions Bank

In addition to the media on this site, you can check out video portfolios of my voiceover work on my YouTube channel.