Is Voiceover Right For You?

Voiceover Lessons for Beginners #3

In this Lesson, we examine three core characteristics of successful voice actors.

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Text Synopsis:

Lesson focus: examine three core characteristics of successful voice actors share, so that you can better determine if voiceover work is a good match for you. Conclude with assignment.

1st Core Characteristic: Performance Instinct. An ability or tendency to bring to life the verbal expression of information, character or situation [my definition]. Examples: born actor, class clown, great storyteller, natural educator (loves explaining things), natural mimic.

2nd Core Characteristic: Motivation. Highly motivated or goal oriented; tend to persevere and see things through; strong desire for self-improvement and growth; dedicated to learning; hard workers; enjoy a challenge.

3rd Core Characteristic Entrepreneurship. Like starting, building, and running a business; comfortable trading the security of a regular job for the flexibility of being self-employed; enjoy creating & finishing projects for themselves.

You do not necessarily need a “great voice” to get work, many voice types are used in media. Your voice type will determine the types of work you’re most likely to be considered for – but your abilities as a performer will book you the job. And of course, talent is helpful too.

This is not a complete list, and keep in mind, everybody’s different – no two voice actors share the exact same set of characteristics. You don’t need to possess all of these qualities to be successful.

Assignment: take your daily practice reading to the next level by adding a simple direction to each read. Meaning, instead of just reciting the words off the page, add a mood or tone or attitude to give it some personality. Keep it very simple to start, then add nuance later. Take a look at my practice copy and directions to get started. Flexibility and being able to take direction quickly are very important in voice work, and this exercise will help develop those skills.

Watch Lesson 4 when available, and keep practicing!

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