Commercial Voiceover – Pennzoil

I provided the voiceover for this Pennzoil commercial produced by NBCUniversal.

Here’s one of two automotive commercials I voiced recently for NBC Universal. They’re promotional spots for O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pennzoil and Hennessey Performance Engineering. Subtle attitude with a bit of wry humor. And donuts are always a good thing. Voiceover for automotive commercials can be anything from quiet and thoughtful to loud and aggressive. My Kia K-900 commercial is another example of automotive voiceover, but with a more luxurious and edgy flavor. Check out my YouTube Channel for even more videos. [NOTE: Offer may no longer be valid or may not be valid in your area!]

Hu-Friedy Points of Protection

Here’s a dental device promo I narrated recently for Hu-Friedy, a major dental technology company. Friendly and confident, I like the energy in this voiceover and I think it works well for the video.

Bosch CrystalDry

Here’s another Bosch spot I did recently, this time for their CrystalDry dishwashers. A friendly yet sophisticated voiceover was the pick for this video. I couldn’t find a generic version of the spot on YouTube; hence the dealer logo imprint.