Commercial Voiceover – Pennzoil

I provided the voiceover for this Pennzoil commercial produced by NBCUniversal.

Here’s one of two automotive commercials I voiced recently for NBC Universal. They’re promotional spots for O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pennzoil and Hennessey Performance Engineering. Subtle attitude with a bit of wry humor. And donuts are always a good thing. Voiceover for automotive commercials can be anything from quiet and thoughtful to loud and aggressive. My Kia K-900 commercial is another example of automotive voiceover, but with a more luxurious and edgy flavor. Check out my YouTube Channel for even more videos. [NOTE: Offer may no longer be valid or may not be valid in your area!]

Explainer Voiceover – Explainify

This is my friendly, conversational voiceover for Explainify’s home page explainer video. So it’s me explaining the explainers!

Explainify makes – you guessed it – explainer videos. I narrated this video for their home page. It’s an explainer video explaining why you need an explainer video. Kind of like holding a mirror up to a mirror. The dynamic motion graphics are supported by a friendly, approachable voiceover, which is fairly typical of this type of media, though explainer voiceover can be almost any style. There are thousands (maybe millions) of these videos being produced, and that means a lot of work for voice talent – just take a look at the “My Voiceover Work” playlist on my YouTube channel and you’ll see what I mean. More videos here on the Portfolio page.

Hu-Friedy Points of Protection

Here’s a dental device promo I narrated recently for Hu-Friedy, a major dental technology company. Friendly and confident, I like the energy in this voiceover and I think it works well for the video.