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Step-By-Step Voiceover Lessons for Beginners #11

In Lesson 11, John looks at popular recording & editing software for voiceover talent, and gives a few comments on studio monitors.

GarageBand—MAC; FREE with MAC; limited editing & multitracking ability, but a good place to start before upgrading.
Audacity—WIN/MAC; FREE and popular: I personally don’t like it. Wave editor.
Adobe Audition— WIN/MAC; wave editor with multitrack capabilities.
Twisted Wave— WIN/MAC; wave editor.
Magix Sound Forge Pro—WIN/MAC; wave editor, what I use; also comes in a stripped-down version.
Pro Tools & Logic Pro—highly capable pro level recording and producing
suites; way more firepower than you need for just recording and editing VO tracks or making demos in multitrack; do not recommend unless you’re already using and comfortable with the software.

Multitrack environments for making demos:
PreSonus Studio One—highly capable multitrack environment; I find it to be simpler and easier to use than Pro Tools & Logic Pro.
Reaper—WIN/MAC; fully capable multitrack recording & editing; inexpensive but a bit more complex than you may need if only doing VO.
Magix Vegas Pro—this is a video editing package but features a very intuitive and easy-to-learn multitrack audio environment; like Sound Forge, also comes in a stripped-down version.
Adobe Audition (see above)

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