Corporate Voiceover – Pelotonia

I provided the voiceover for this corporate video which was featured at a Pelotonia charity fundraising event.

I did the voiceover for this corporate piece, which was shown at the Pelotonia 2016 check presentation event…I had to get a bit excited about the money part (who wouldn’t?). Try not to get overly excited watching it. There are many more examples of my corporate voiceover work at my YouTube channel; also check out the NEJM video and the Netwrix video on my homepage. I’ve probably done more of these sort of corporate video voiceovers than any other category, though the line between commercial and corporate media is fairly blurred these days. Almost any style read can make it into a corporate piece now – which is a nice change from the usual dry narration typical of older media. Even heavily technical instructional projects strive to inject some warmth and humanity into the voiceover.