My Absurdist Nonsense

I am a fan of and dabbler in absurdist humor – think Steven Wright, Zack Galifianakis etc., and Instagram has become my outlet for this area of creativity. I post humorous writings and graphics; as well as video clips from projects I have voiced, plus a few photos…frankly I think it’s a lot more amusing than reading a blog about voiceover work…if you get the joke anyway. Here is one example:

Hilarious, right?!? If you like that sort of thing, please check out

my other drivel at @johnmatthewVO on Instagram!

Trouble with Facebook Feed!

I’m having trouble with my Facebook Feed so if there’s nothing on that page you can always visit my Facebook page here.

Discontinuing Facebook Feed!

UPDATE APR 2020: The Facebook feed app I was using was problematic and I hardly post anything on that page anyway (I do most of my personal expression on Instagram these days), so I’ve removed that page from this site. I’ll keep this blog, and may include an Instagram feed page. In the meantime you can experience my Stream of Absurdist Nonsense on Instagram: @johnmatthewVO

What’s going on here?!?

Yeah, what IS going on here?

I had a blog for a while on the old version of my site, and it was for the most part about voiceover stuff. But frankly, that’s pretty boring subject matter for anyone other than voice talent (and pretty dull for them, too, a lot of the time).

So this new blog is going to be about stuff that I like and find interesting. It will probably lean toward the world of arts and entertainment, but if there’s something scientific I feel like sharing, I’ll do that too.

So feel free to subscribe and comment…hopefully this will be more fun than microphones and fast food commercials.

You can also see my posts at my Facebook page if you prefer.